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International Women’s Day - Portrait of Mrs. Joyce Owusu, CEO of custom house agency Akwaaba Assist Ltd.


The logistics sector has been and is still dominated by men. While there has been much advancement in getting women involved in the industry – 20% of logistics professionals are women – progress is still to be made.

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Interview with Ali Traoré, a key actor in transport and logistics in Ouest Africa


With over three decades of experience in transportation and logistics in Burkina Faso, Ali Traoré is one of the sector’s key players in West Africa. His latest assignment has been to serve as a mentor to Bifasor, providing the startup with his rich expertise. The following interview was conducted in Mr. Traoré’s office in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, during Bifasor’s trip to West Africa in July 2016.

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A conversation with Solomon Addai


While in Ghana, we met one of our pioneers, Solomon Addaï, the managing director of Modern World Logistics Ltd (a freight forwarding company). In this interview, he explains the current state and challenges of transport & logistics in Ghana.

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Six questions to Olivier Ncuti, Pan-African General Trading, LLC


Present yourself and the position you have within your company.

My name is Olivier NCUTI, and I am the office manager at Pan-African General Trading, LLC, which has its head office in Kigali, Rwanda. Our website is www.palogistics.com

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Six questions to Drissa Bengaly, Global Air Transport


Please give us a short introduction of who you are.

I am Drissa BENGALY, a transportation and international logistics specialist, graduate of EENI Global Business School, and Associate Director at Global Air Transport.

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Six questions to Eric Yoboué, Trident Shipping


Please give us a short introduction of who you are. What are the services that your company provides? In which countries do you operate?

I’m Eric Yoboué N’Guessan. I hold a Master’s degree in International Transport and have over 6 years of experience in transportation and logistics. I am the manager of transport operations within Trident Shipping, which is a subsidiary of the MOVIS group here in Ivory Coast. Our main activity is transport, but we also do handling, storage, transit, consignment, shipping … in a word, we execute all port activities. We operate in Ivory Coast, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Liberia, Benin, Togo…

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