Six questions to Drissa Bengaly, Global Air Transport


Please give us a short introduction of who you are.

I am Drissa BENGALY, a transportation and international logistics specialist, graduate of EENI Global Business School, and Associate Director at Global Air Transport.

What are the services that your company provides? In which countries do you operate?

Global Air Transport is in the business of:

  • Management of air and ocean freight for both import and export
  • Air cargo and air passenger transportation for various companies, institutions and organizations
  • Representation of airlines and companies providing international assistance
  • Execution of all types of tasks concerning cargo, passengers and aircraft crew
  • Provision of services to shippers, airlines, brokers and other transportation companies, including, among others, traffic rights, fuel supply, filing flight plans, etc.
  • Airport operations, in the broadest sense of the term

We have our headquarters in Ivory Coast and we work around the world.

What are the biggest challenges your company faces in the course of its business?

We encounter our biggest challenges in estimating quotes for freight imports, because we have struggled to find a credible freight agent. This also obliges us to pay for the freight in advance of its arrival, forcing us to commit our financial resources and to wait for our money to clear during a very long wire transfer period. As a result, we become less competitive. We also find that we have problems with the accessibility of partners who can help us with overflights and the landing of our aircraft.

In your opinion, what are the solutions to these problems?

I think the solution would be to set up a platform so that participants in international trade, transport and logistics could meet one another, discuss and understand their common problems, and solidify partnerships to solve these issues. In that respect Bifasor is quite timely as a solution for us!

Do your partners use new technologies as part of their logistics activities? Overall, do you think that new technologies are sufficiently used in the transport and logistics sphere in Africa?

Our partners use very little new technology. Only the use of internet messaging and mobile phone calls are frequent. You know, Africa is a continent with much neglected potential. We still have great need for both innovative technologies and trainings to carry out logistics activities, since so few have access to software and information tools.

What partners would you hope to find on Bifasor?

We are very pleased to be in contact with Bifasor. Global Air Transport hopes to meet many potential partners from around the world, including:

  • Public and private airlines, aircraft manufacturers, charterers
  • Shippers
  • Freight agents
  • Authorized customs agents
  • Carriers
  • Other businessmen