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Bifasor is, above all else, a multicultural, young and complementary team, which originally met in Ghana during a match of frisbee. Hailing from Burkina Faso, the United States and France, we are very attached to the African continent where we have grown up, worked and traveled. What is more natural than investing to improve the lives of our friends and family?

Entering the transport and logistics sector did not come about by mere coincidence. We chose to work in the sector, because it is one that Zakaria’s family knows well. As managers of a transport company based in the Ivory Coast their daily challenges inspired us to create Bifasor. These challenges are considerable, and we have been witnesses to them through our time living in West Africa. With a highly segmented supply chain, lack of information that isolates players in the sector, (needlessly long) delays and exorbitant costs, transporting goods falls is a real-life obstacle course. All these difficulties are slowing the commercial development of the continent with knock-on consequences that adversely affect access to goods and services by local populations. They can have much more dire implications, especially when it comes to delivery of humanitarian assistance to disaster or epidemic-affected areas.

The idea of ​​digitizing the relationships between the actors in the supply chain operating appeared to us an obvious solution to the current problems in African transport and logistics, because it will effectively streamline operations, and reduce costs and delays. What better way of accomplishing this than a platform bringing together all those involved in Africa’s transportation supply chain, which increases their visibility, allows them to contact and interact with one another instantly, permits them to create personal networks of partners and clients, and empowers them to grow their businesses? What easier way of allowing international businesses and individuals to operate easily on a continent about which they may know very little? What more effective way to permit African enterprises to deploy across borders? Moreover, Africa is a part of a larger movement where trade relations are increasingly intertwined with the digital age and the proliferation of mobile phones and Internet. We strongly believe that the use of new technologies to innovate in a struggling sector will address the many challenges that characterize it and will not only strengthen intra-continental trade ties, but will also strengthen Africa’s connections to the rest of the world.

At Bifasor, we are driven by a genuine desire to contribute to the growth of the African continent through the democratization of innovation, as well as to the sustainability of its business relationships through the cultivation of trust and transparency.