Bifasor Awarded "Innovative Company" by Novalog Logistics Cluster


Novalog is France’s “competitiveness cluster” dedicated to logistics innovation and supply chain. Created by the French Government, its objective is to mobilize key factors of world-class competitiveness, specifically the capacity for innovation to develop growth and employment in the logistics chain. To those ends, the Novalog cluster promotes the emergence, support, labeling, and research funding of innovative collaborative projects that assist in the development of logistics enterprises and those enterprises relying on well-functioning supply chains.

In May 2017, Novalog awarded Bifasor the label of “Innovative Company.”

What’s the benefit for Bifasor?

Novalog supports projects that contribute to transforming and enhancing the performance of logistics flows and processes. The cluster promotes the emergence of innovative and competitive IT solutions designed to smoothen the exchange and circulation of information, through relationship building, management of customer-supplier relationships, and planning, steering, and flow monitoring. It is because of its dedication to providing a modern, technology-oriented solution to logistics challenges in Africa that Bifasor attracted the attention of this cluster. By offering a collaborative web platform to facilitate exchanges between shippers and logistics service providers, Bifasor intends to digitize the sector in Africa, thus contributing to the improvement of commercial transactions and logistics flows and the creation of jobs. After assiduous research and a convincing presentation by Zakaria Dabone–Bifasor’s CEO–before a selection committee made up of logistics experts, Novalog awarded Bifasor the prized label “Innovative Enterprise of the Logistics Competitiveness Cluster”.

This label constitutes an official recognition of the quality and innovative character of Bifasor. The award is accompanied by access to: financing sources dedicated to business innovation projects, as well as a network of companies, conglomerates, and research institutes at the European and international levels ready to provide assistance to award winners.

Bifasor is counting on this recognition to help convince new companies to join its platform and contribute to the transformation and improvement of international transport and logistics practices.